Group Conscience Minutes - September 2021

September 1, 2021

Open the meeting

Group Inventory

SM - doing a great job, everyone from out of town is really happy and wants to stay.

AM - compared with other groups we have basically no conflict or drama

TM - two thumbs up. Doesn’t always like Jaco, but this is where the best meetings are.

BE - rocking it.

JB - happy there’s been high meeting attendance, we must be carrying the message to the people in Jaco. Nice that people have moved back, even if just for a few months. The meeting makes it possible for people to stay in Jaco, otherwise they’d need to live somewhere else.

TH - feels like attendance has been good. We are out of phonelists. We didn’t make any progress on preparing a PI presentation. JR from Florida is planning on moving to Jaco and joining our group.

MR - much of the same, we had two old-timers with over 25 years who took the time to make a point of how good the recovery is. He lives here because of this group. We give Costa Rica a good rep. Slacking still on putting together a clubhouse committee.

Review last month’s minutes

Minutes Accepted

Old Business

Changing group conscience meeting time

MOTION: move group conscience to 7PM first Wednesday of the month online video chat

Motion passes.

New Business

Service Positions

Feedback for chair people


Treasurer Report

Secretary Report

Nomination: BE for secretary, nominated by MR, seconded by TH.


Upcoming anniversaries

Close with “we” version of Serenity Prayer.