Open the meeting

Group Inventory

MR - so many visitors want to move here and be a part of our group, they say they wish their homegroup was like ours. Everyone in our group has sponsors and works the steps. Newcomer at our meeting got a sponsor and we know his sponsor will get him started working steps tomorrow.

SM - agree with what MR said. Happy with how the group is going and how we’re treating newcomers.

JB - missed some meetings, happy that our meeting has been open and visitors have enjoyed it. Sometimes women come to the meeting. We’re carrying a message, studying literature. We’ve maintained the group through rainy season

AG - as a new comer to our group, he decided to stay because of us, wants to make this his homegroup.

TV - hasn’t been around too much, but happy to see that E. already got a sponsor, has been to meetings around the world and thinks our hg is the best.

TH - great to see newcomers, great feedback from visitors, had a nice meeting for A’s 19 year anniversary, have some members who are very committed to opening early and keeping the doors open

BE - concur, all is well.

Old Business


New Business

New Members

AG joining the group

Service Positions

BE is going to step down from his service positions, secretary and literature.

Next book to read for literature

We agreed at a prior group conscience to read a different book after we finish the Basic Text…

TH - I would strongly prefer to stick with the Basic Text (or do the Grey Book), but I know the group wants to do something different, so I will defer to what everyone else agrees on.

SM - nominate step working guide BE - nomitate Guiding Principles

JB - if there are questions in the book, she doesn’t want to answer the questions as a group, maybe we will just skip those sections. If the book sucks she reserves the right to hate on it publicly.

JB - the Basic Text is accessible to anyone who walks in, is this book going to be accessible? Shoud that literature study be a closed meeting? Is this going to serve newcomers. We could try it and if it seems impractical then get rid of it.

MR - we have a newcomer format, if there is a newcomer then we follow the newcomer format.

SM - don’t really like sharing about the traditions, but maybe can be more open-minded.

Vote for Guiding Principles - 5 in favor, 0 against, 1 abstain

We are out of phone lists

TH will create more.

What can we do to celebrate with non-HG members with anniversaries?

TH - we have people who come to our meeting who are not HG members, but we want them to have somewhere to celebrate (e.g. people with AA sponsors who come to our meeting regularly), what can we do to celebrate with them.

BE - would be in favor of having the normal anniverary format for people who live here and are celebrating.

SM - let’s do it on an individual basis depending on the person, and don’t do it on the fly when someone shows up.

MOTION: when we have people who want to celebrate with us and we know them well, they can be “honorary hg members” and we will celebrate with the normal anniversary format.

Everyone agreed.

Literature Reports

Low on white keytags.

GSR Report

Not in attendance

Treasurer Report

Rent and bills paid. Need to deal with the change. Only resrve we have is the coins, treasurer prefers bills to coins.

Upcoming anniversaries