Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - May 2019

May 8, 2019

Attendance: JB, CC, SC, KU, AT, TH

Opened by reading service prayer and second tradition.

How is the group carrying the message?

JB: Fucking great.

CC: Members are sharing their experiences and giving good example of practicing the steps, and individual members of the group are benefiting from recovery.

SC: People who have visited the group from outside the area still bring it up in conversation, visitors have gratitude that the group is here, keep the doors open, we’re doing something that works, keep doing it.

KU: Good, but there is no format for when there is a newcomer at the meeting. Maybe when there is a newcomer we can change the format on that day to read 3rd tradition and Who Is An Addict chapter from the Basic Text.

AT: Group is small, but consistent and effective, when people come from outside the area the group leaves an impression on them, homegroup members are reliable, it’s good that we’re making coffee.

TH: Good, agree with KU, the group is seeing more newcomers and more new people are getting involved in the homegroup, it’s time for the group to start changing to help more new members, maybe we need more service positions.

Old Business

We decided at previous group conscience to read prose sections of The Step Working Guides on Wednesdays once we finished reading Living Clean. We finished Living Clean a three Wednesdays ago and have been reading the flat book for the past two Wednesdays.

New Business

JB: “Don’t create policy that impacts other groups”. e.g. we cannot decide to throwaway an old coffee maker that doesn’t belong to us, we cannot significantly re-organize the room, etc.

Proposed new business topics:

Some responsibilities that service positions can cover:

TH: “Motion to hold a follow up group conscience on Friday after the meeting that will start with this meeting’s new business.” - Seconded, carried.

TH: “Motion to close.” - Seconded, carried.