Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - March 2017

March 5, 2017

March 5th, 2017

Old Biz

MR contacted Juan Carlos and he updated the website

Treasurer’s report

Prudent reserve is too high

New Biz

KU and JB switch Wednewsday and Friday chair commitments

Sunday - DW Wednesday - MR Friday - KU

Time Limit: Add to the format the chairperson will reward the sleep when 5 min is up.

Discussion: we need to start paying rent

KU: $60/month sounds good JC: Autonomy + 7th tradition very important DW: $60 + $40 utilities sounds good MR: If we all give about $1/meeting JO: Who do we pay to? TH: We could split between two groups JB: We could pay Roberto directly.

Motion: JB will contact Roberto and pay $60/month