Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - June 2020

June 10, 2020


Apologies: None

Service Prayer KF read minutes JS acted as Secretary

Old Business


New Business

KU proposed for the group to have a Spanish speaking GSR.

KU proposed to have the Jaco Group shut its doors for a non-specified length of time. The group voted to keep the doors open with 8 aye, 1 no, 1 no vote.

KU handed back his position as secretary and was thanked for his service by the group.

The group decided to change the date for the business meetings to first Wednesday of each month. Available service positions.

Positions Taken M nominated to make coffee – unanimous aye MR nominated Secretary – unanimous aye JB nominated alternate Secretary – unanimous aye KF nominated as alternate Treasurer - unanimous aye

Next Group Conscience is on Wednesday 01/07/2020

Closed with the Serenity prayer.