Group Conscience Minutes - July 2021

July 7, 2021

Open the meeting

BE read Service Prayer BE read 2nd Tradition

Group Inventory

How is the group doing carrying the message?

SM - happy to see Dustin back. Trying to reach out to some other people too.

BE - doing a good job. Would like to see people here closer to 5 than 5:30.

JB - would prefer more bitches, she will try to be nice to the bitches that are here. Jaco was represented in Quepos.

TH - things seem pretty steady. Good that some members went to Quepos, good that Joan goes to San Jose. Great to have people from San Jose coming down, Tony visited and then came back two more times. Edwin should be here on Friday.

KU - good job guys

MR - like’s to gauge by the people visiting: visitors really like our group. Could we have a service position in charge of reaching out to people.

Review last month’s minutes


Old Business

Clubhouse Committee

MR is working on it.

New Business

Service Positions

Martin’s chair position term is over, time for a new chair


Think about how we can better do outreach and following up newcomers


Order 2 JFTs, the guy from Florida is bringing them down

Treasurer Report

GSR Report

Upcoming anniversaries