Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - July 2020

July 1, 2020

Welcome everybody, we start with a moment of silence to invite a HP to assist us in service.

Read 12 traditions front page/service prayer

Read last minutes

Any Matters arising – any inaccuracies in the minutes – if its ok, move on.

Anyone joining the group? JS asked to join the group, very accepted.

Positions Available: Keytag person, BF was nominated by TH, and unanimously voted in.


Secretary: MR reports that minutes were typed up and distributed by JS and got good help with the format from him, grateful to be doing service he has been resistant and closed minded about doing up until now.

Treasurer: MR reports that we just today received a very generous and uch needed donation from a homegroup member living in another country at the moment of 200 000 colones, with that our prudent reserve that was going lower then ever made a strong recovery. Also happy that KF is the alternate treasurer and hopefully soon can take over some of the duties as treasurer.

GSR: KU reported from the area meeting that they are creating a new and expanded area that we can consider joining, the report in Spanish for the area of NA in Costa Rica that we geographically belongs to: FOAG Pacifico, and the suggested COVID protocols are sent out with this report. The Area is also making big online meetings in Spanish 3 times a week.

Old Business

( Last month’s new business, nothing needed to discuss further)

New Business:

TH have almost all the minutes from old GC meetings and suggest that we can post them on the website for historical purposes and for official publication with names etc taken out.

TH suggest for the GC that we can read the second tradition in it’s entireity each GC, instead of all of them, the short version.

KU suggest that we follow the guidelines from the ministry of health, 8 different protocols that are as follows roughly translated from Spanish on the fly by JJ.

  1. Close 1 hour before 9pm
  2. Spray down/clean the desk and chairs etc before the meeting. New commitment?
  3. Sink and alcohol/paper, we are good.
  4. Sign about how to wash the hands
  5. Sign about how to sneeze
  6. For the food/drinks area, yellow tape around is suggested/demanded?
  7. Any snacks, drinks or food paraphernalia needs to be put away
  8. Whoever comes to open the room have to clean everything, but can only come 5 minutes before the opening of the doors

yellow tape to mark the distancing. Capacity of 50% only, 2 meters between each Anyone have fever or symptoms, please syay/go home? Only one at the time in the bathroom No sharing of vapes or liquids No physical contact We cannot greet each other in any physical way Protocol for ending the meeting, no staying after the meeting Ask everyone to leave immediately one by one

Group discussed these things and it seems to be a consensus that we will try to follow some of these and make an effort to that and move the alcohol/cleaning supplies close to the door, clear out the room to maximize the capacity of the room by allowing people to sit spread out by the walls and be individually responsible to protect the group.

JS propose that the group make a rotation for the chair person and other commitments. Rotation of service commitments determined to try out with 1 month commitments at the time from today.

*KU suggested that we study the guiding principles tradition book as a group that brought us to a discussion and vote on this topic.

Sunday meeting format votes:

TH changed his vote to speaker, so Sunday will be a speaker meeting where the chair person for each meeting pick a speaker 10-15 minutes maximum.


BE Friday July 1 7th = 6 months YAY!!

No time for group inventory, motion to close was made after a long and productive GC

Group Inventory (If we have time): Are we welcoming the new comer? How are we working as a group? Is there anything to improve the group?


Closed with the Serenity Prayer

Next GC 5/08/2020