Group Conscience Minutes - August 2021

August 4, 2021

Open the meeting

Group Inventory

Aaron B. Visitor - group is very welcoming, got here Friday night and there were 15 people here, everyone seems on point and focused on recovery. Was a little difficult to figure out which meetings were when.

BE - people are working steps and reaching out to newcomers

JB - meetings are opened on time, people are doing their service posistions. When people visit we do everything we can to get them all of the info. People have been attending from other fellowships which is nice. Was almost ready to ban dogs.

KU - Everyone is doing a good job, ty for supporting the meeting, newcomers get sponsors pretty quick.

TH - going good. Maybe we can do some public information by giving some of the churches our phone lists with the readings and meeting times.

SM - good to see more people showing up, including himself. No complaints. Seems like everyone is working steps.

MR - doing a good job. Everyone coming to the meeting here’s about steps, sponsorship and service.

Review last month’s minutes

Minutes Accepted

Old Business

Clubhouse Committee

New Business

Service Positions

Treasurer Report

GSR Report

Upcoming anniversaries


We’re all in favor of making the business meeting time as easy and convenient as possible, just not sure what the alternative is.

Resolution: let’s table this discussion and start the conversation with all members to think about over the next few weeks.

KU: I know the pastor of the church and I’ve personally lost sponsees to the church.

KU: Let’s also coordinate with regional H&I for help with the presentation.

Resolution: we’ll get started on it.