Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - August 2020

August 5, 2020

Welcome everybody, invite a HP to help us, take a moment of silence

Read 2nd tradition

Read last minutes

Any Matters arising – any inaccuracies in the minutes – if its ok – propose and second the minutes: Tom corrected my notes that he asked that we read the 2nd tradition in each GC, not a new tradition for each month.

Anyone joining the group: G asked to join.

Positions Available:


Secretary: MR reports that he is grateful to be here and that we are doing regular business meetings.

Treasurer: MR reports that we thanks to a couple of donations and it seems like we are getting in a little bit more money in 7th tradition our prudent reserve is back to a little more comfortable 4-500$

GSR: KU reports They had the second assembly this month, New treasurer needed in foag due to a scandal. English speaking HI is being discussed.

KU inquired about doing an English HI workshop. Otherwise they discussed Budget and usual basic stuff for a assembly.

Old Business

(Last month’s new business, nothing needed to discuss further?)

New Business

MR proposed that we update the meeting format with correct information and consider to remove the burning desire part. Group Agreed on a sub-committee consisting of TVD, TH and G get together and shorten it down after a discussion on what the group members wanted to take out and keep.

Take out: Clarity statement was voted to take away with a majority vote, but since there was several that wanted to keep it we decided that the committee would make a suggestion with a shortened/improved version of it for next GC together with suggestions for new format. Voted to also take out the burning desire part.

Keep/add: Agreed on doing the serenity prayer we version at the beginning and the third step prayer at the end of each meeting, and to keep the no cross-talk part

TH suggest that we make a group policy for different policies in the form of a committee when we.. JB mentioned that she does not like sub-committees and homework outside of group conscience, we will come back to this after the meeting format is finished and see if we can do something more with this in a groups setting or with committee.

G is working to get free literature sent from California, might need money for transport/extra suitcase on plane, will come back with more specific information about possible cost.

Rotation of service commitments August

TVD does Wednesday meetings (Living Clean) AM does Fridays (Basic Text) JB does Sundays (New speaker meeting)


TVD had 6 months on the 3rd

Group Inventory:

Are we welcoming the new comer? How are we working as a group? Is there anything to improve the group?

We take good care of the newcomer as a group with newcomer format and individuals reaching out and being welcoming etc, also we are good at welcoming visitors and old-timers which also is Important was mentioned

A little more restless meetings now with more people and a looser attitude perhaps, crosstalk etc the last few months was mention, people getting up and commenting/cross talking was mentioned. Bringing this topic to next GC as it might be more effective to talk about it here then for instance having it in the format

TH suggest that we start each group conscience with question 1 and go around the room so everyone can comment on that, we voted unanimously to do 1 question in the beginning: “How are we carrying the message and working as a group?”


Closed with the Serenity Prayer we version

Next GC 2/09/2020

In loving service – MR