Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - April 2018

April 1, 2018

NOTE: I don’t know when this meeting took place exactly, the minutes in the bound notebook occur direclty before the May 2018 minutes.

How is Group Carrying Message?

KU - solid, people travelling, lit share might not be working out, good with his commitment nothing day with GSR so far

JB - it’s lit, wish were more people, more bitches, no PI committee or outreach - but there are some guidelines on how to do it, and benefits, willing to go to other meetings, oh with changing format, BE (AA) has JB’s living clean

MR - very good on group level + focus on important things, not many new comers, oh for changing formats, interested in doing more service, HI with Carlos, etc.

DW - looked up how to outreach, groupchat, we can always do better at being more attractive, would like a sign, come early to meetings, make coffee,

TH - agree, more engagement with each other, more engagement with outside

New Business

Sunday - JFT Wednesday - Living Clean Friday - Basic Text

Each person needs 1-2 paragraphs and chairperson stops the reading at a logical point

TH + DW start PI subcommittee