Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - August 2020

August 5, 2020

Welcome everybody, invite a HP to help us, take a moment of silence

Read 2nd tradition

Read last minutes

Any Matters arising – any inaccuracies in the minutes – if its ok – propose and second the minutes: Tom corrected my notes that he asked that we read the 2nd tradition in each GC, not a new tradition for each month.

Anyone joining the group: G asked to join.

Positions Available:


Secretary: MR reports that he is grateful to be here and that we are doing regular business meetings.

Treasurer: MR reports that we thanks to a couple of donations and it seems like we are getting in a little bit more money in 7th tradition our prudent reserve is back to a little more comfortable 4-500$

GSR: KU reports They had the second assembly this month, New treasurer needed in foag due to a scandal. English speaking HI is being discussed.

KU inquired about doing an English HI workshop. Otherwise they discussed Budget and usual basic stuff for a assembly.

Old Business

(Last month’s new business, nothing needed to discuss further?)

New Business

MR proposed that we update the meeting format with correct information and consider to remove the burning desire part. Group Agreed on a sub-committee consisting of TVD, TH and G get together and shorten it down after a discussion on what the group members wanted to take out and keep.

Take out: Clarity statement was voted to take away with a majority vote, but since there was several that wanted to keep it we decided that the committee would make a suggestion with a shortened/improved version of it for next GC together with suggestions for new format. Voted to also take out the burning desire part.

Keep/add: Agreed on doing the serenity prayer we version at the beginning and the third step prayer at the end of each meeting, and to keep the no cross-talk part

TH suggest that we make a group policy for different policies in the form of a committee when we.. JB mentioned that she does not like sub-committees and homework outside of group conscience, we will come back to this after the meeting format is finished and see if we can do something more with this in a groups setting or with committee.

G is working to get free literature sent from California, might need money for transport/extra suitcase on plane, will come back with more specific information about possible cost.

Rotation of service commitments August

TVD does Wednesday meetings (Living Clean) AM does Fridays (Basic Text) JB does Sundays (New speaker meeting)


TVD had 6 months on the 3rd

Group Inventory:

Are we welcoming the new comer? How are we working as a group? Is there anything to improve the group?

We take good care of the newcomer as a group with newcomer format and individuals reaching out and being welcoming etc, also we are good at welcoming visitors and old-timers which also is Important was mentioned

A little more restless meetings now with more people and a looser attitude perhaps, crosstalk etc the last few months was mention, people getting up and commenting/cross talking was mentioned. Bringing this topic to next GC as it might be more effective to talk about it here then for instance having it in the format

TH suggest that we start each group conscience with question 1 and go around the room so everyone can comment on that, we voted unanimously to do 1 question in the beginning: “How are we carrying the message and working as a group?”


Closed with the Serenity Prayer we version

Next GC 2/09/2020

In loving service – MR

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - July 2020

July 1, 2020

Welcome everybody, we start with a moment of silence to invite a HP to assist us in service.

Read 12 traditions front page/service prayer

Read last minutes

Any Matters arising – any inaccuracies in the minutes – if its ok, move on.

Anyone joining the group? JS asked to join the group, very accepted.

Positions Available: Keytag person, BF was nominated by TH, and unanimously voted in.


Secretary: MR reports that minutes were typed up and distributed by JS and got good help with the format from him, grateful to be doing service he has been resistant and closed minded about doing up until now.

Treasurer: MR reports that we just today received a very generous and uch needed donation from a homegroup member living in another country at the moment of 200 000 colones, with that our prudent reserve that was going lower then ever made a strong recovery. Also happy that KF is the alternate treasurer and hopefully soon can take over some of the duties as treasurer.

GSR: KU reported from the area meeting that they are creating a new and expanded area that we can consider joining, the report in Spanish for the area of NA in Costa Rica that we geographically belongs to: FOAG Pacifico, and the suggested COVID protocols are sent out with this report. The Area is also making big online meetings in Spanish 3 times a week.

Old Business

( Last month’s new business, nothing needed to discuss further)

New Business:

TH have almost all the minutes from old GC meetings and suggest that we can post them on the website for historical purposes and for official publication with names etc taken out.

TH suggest for the GC that we can read the second tradition in it's entireity each GC, instead of all of them, the short version.

KU suggest that we follow the guidelines from the ministry of health, 8 different protocols that are as follows roughly translated from Spanish on the fly by JJ.

  1. Close 1 hour before 9pm
  2. Spray down/clean the desk and chairs etc before the meeting. New commitment?
  3. Sink and alcohol/paper, we are good.
  4. Sign about how to wash the hands
  5. Sign about how to sneeze
  6. For the food/drinks area, yellow tape around is suggested/demanded?
  7. Any snacks, drinks or food paraphernalia needs to be put away
  8. Whoever comes to open the room have to clean everything, but can only come 5 minutes before the opening of the doors

yellow tape to mark the distancing. Capacity of 50% only, 2 meters between each Anyone have fever or symptoms, please syay/go home? Only one at the time in the bathroom No sharing of vapes or liquids No physical contact We cannot greet each other in any physical way Protocol for ending the meeting, no staying after the meeting Ask everyone to leave immediately one by one

Group discussed these things and it seems to be a consensus that we will try to follow some of these and make an effort to that and move the alcohol/cleaning supplies close to the door, clear out the room to maximize the capacity of the room by allowing people to sit spread out by the walls and be individually responsible to protect the group.

JS propose that the group make a rotation for the chair person and other commitments. Rotation of service commitments determined to try out with 1 month commitments at the time from today.

*KU suggested that we study the guiding principles tradition book as a group that brought us to a discussion and vote on this topic.

Sunday meeting format votes:

TH changed his vote to speaker, so Sunday will be a speaker meeting where the chair person for each meeting pick a speaker 10-15 minutes maximum.


BE Friday July 1 7th = 6 months YAY!!

No time for group inventory, motion to close was made after a long and productive GC

Group Inventory (If we have time): Are we welcoming the new comer? How are we working as a group? Is there anything to improve the group?


Closed with the Serenity Prayer

Next GC 5/08/2020

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - June 2020

June 10, 2020


Apologies: None

Service Prayer KF read minutes JS acted as Secretary

Old Business


New Business

KU proposed for the group to have a Spanish speaking GSR.

KU proposed to have the Jaco Group shut its doors for a non-specified length of time. The group voted to keep the doors open with 8 aye, 1 no, 1 no vote.

KU handed back his position as secretary and was thanked for his service by the group.

The group decided to change the date for the business meetings to first Wednesday of each month. Available service positions.

Positions Taken M nominated to make coffee – unanimous aye MR nominated Secretary – unanimous aye JB nominated alternate Secretary – unanimous aye KF nominated as alternate Treasurer - unanimous aye

Next Group Conscience is on Wednesday 01/07/2020

Closed with the Serenity prayer.

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - May 2019 - Follow Up On Newcomer Format

May 10, 2019


AT - Most important person is new comer.

They might not understand what's going on in some meetings.


TH - Newcomers may not want to be singled at

JB - Motion: do it on a trial basis

Newcomer format:

“All this would mean is to change the topic, it would be chairperson's call, will do it on a trial basis and revisit in a few months. Definitely not a cross talk meeting, no one giving direct advice. Chairperson just discreetly changes the topic and that's it..”

All are in favor

Service Positions + Things for bathroom


Chairperson commitment term - 3 months

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - May 2019

May 8, 2019

Attendance: JB, CC, SC, KU, AT, TH

Opened by reading service prayer and second tradition.

How is the group carrying the message?

JB: Fucking great.

CC: Members are sharing their experiences and giving good example of practicing the steps, and individual members of the group are benefiting from recovery.

SC: People who have visited the group from outside the area still bring it up in conversation, visitors have gratitude that the group is here, keep the doors open, we're doing something that works, keep doing it.

KU: Good, but there is no format for when there is a newcomer at the meeting. Maybe when there is a newcomer we can change the format on that day to read 3rd tradition and Who Is An Addict chapter from the Basic Text.

AT: Group is small, but consistent and effective, when people come from outside the area the group leaves an impression on them, homegroup members are reliable, it's good that we're making coffee.

TH: Good, agree with KU, the group is seeing more newcomers and more new people are getting involved in the homegroup, it's time for the group to start changing to help more new members, maybe we need more service positions.

Old Business

We decided at previous group conscience to read prose sections of The Step Working Guides on Wednesdays once we finished reading Living Clean. We finished Living Clean a three Wednesdays ago and have been reading the flat book for the past two Wednesdays.

New Business

JB: “Don't create policy that impacts other groups”. e.g. we cannot decide to throwaway an old coffee maker that doesn't belong to us, we cannot significantly re-organize the room, etc.

Proposed new business topics:

Some responsibilities that service positions can cover:

TH: “Motion to hold a follow up group conscience on Friday after the meeting that will start with this meeting's new business.” - Seconded, carried.

TH: “Motion to close.” - Seconded, carried.

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - June 2018

June 5, 2018


-300,000 colones

New Biz

What should the Prudent reserve be? Prudent reserve $300

Motion passed $100 on literature key target, which books, pamphlets

Empty chair on Wednesday

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - May 2018

May 4, 2018

Old Business

New Business

English NA maintenance position 5 for, 1 abstain

Treasurer Report

Rent is paid for May + June

¢153,000 so far counted in coins

On the table: Discuss prudent reserve limit

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - April 2018

April 1, 2018

NOTE: I don't know when this meeting took place exactly, the minutes in the bound notebook occur direclty before the May 2018 minutes.

How is Group Carrying Message?

KU - solid, people travelling, lit share might not be working out, good with his commitment nothing day with GSR so far

JB - it's lit, wish were more people, more bitches, no PI committee or outreach - but there are some guidelines on how to do it, and benefits, willing to go to other meetings, oh with changing format, BE (AA) has JB's living clean

MR - very good on group level + focus on important things, not many new comers, oh for changing formats, interested in doing more service, HI with Carlos, etc.

DW - looked up how to outreach, groupchat, we can always do better at being more attractive, would like a sign, come early to meetings, make coffee,

TH - agree, more engagement with each other, more engagement with outside

New Business

Sunday - JFT Wednesday - Living Clean Friday - Basic Text

Each person needs 1-2 paragraphs and chairperson stops the reading at a logical point

TH + DW start PI subcommittee

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - May 2017

May 3, 2017

Service Prayer 2nd Tradition

Old Biz

Everything good


Sunday Meeting - DW Wednesday Meeting - MR - JO will cover for MR while in Norway Friday - KU

JB treasurer will give money to BE (AA) Whats App is working fine

Treasurer Group Chat on Whats App

JB is willing to give up Treasurer if someone wants it

New Biz

TH - Might be good to document service sos items + timelines

MR - Should we keep reading clarity statement?

Motion: add “Don't mention specific days by name” - 2 abstention and the rest against

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - April 2017

April 30, 2017

Service Prayer + 2nd Tradition

Old Business

New Business

JB gave $60 rent to LR

TH made website

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - March 2017

March 5, 2017

March 5th, 2017

Old Biz

MR contacted Juan Carlos and he updated the website

Treasurer's report

Prudent reserve is too high

New Biz

KU and JB switch Wednewsday and Friday chair commitments

Sunday - DW Wednesday - MR Friday - KU

Time Limit: Add to the format the chairperson will reward the sleep when 5 min is up.

Discussion: we need to start paying rent

KU: $60/month sounds good JC: Autonomy + 7th tradition very important DW: $60 + $40 utilities sounds good MR: If we all give about $1/meeting JO: Who do we pay to? TH: We could split between two groups JB: We could pay Roberto directly.

Motion: JB will contact Roberto and pay $60/month

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - January 2017

January 1, 2017

Old Biz

New Biz

Treasure Report

How are we doing carrying the message?

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - December 2016

December 3, 2016

Group Conscience 1st Sunday of the month

Old Business

New Business

Service Positions:

For now: GSR is 1 year commitment with Alt moving up

Treasurer Report

Bill was hella high last month, up to 25 mil, but JP gave us 20 mil from his AA step-working group (they don't pay rent or anything). Spanish covered their rent no problem.

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - October 2016

October 5, 2016

Old Business

Register group with world service

If Spanish reaches out we'll donate 1 time.

Write up proposal about having real business meetings.

Treasurer Report

17 mil for electric bill A lot of change - hundreds of $ in change

New Business

Electric bill seems higher than normal

Order books for AR to bring from the States

2 Basic Texts, some pamphlets

Living Clean, $60

Service Positions

MR takes Sunday night chair

Clean By The Sea Group Of Narcotics Anonymous - Group Conscience Minutes - January 2016

January 1, 2016

NOTE: This wasn't our first group conscience and I'm not sure exactly when it took place, but these are the oldest minutes I can find, the meeting could've been in 2015 or early 2016. I started only typing the minutes at one point and then lost them (for now).

Old Business

Group format

autonomy, cell phone, share 5 min, smoke downstairs

NA Message 5th Tradition

New Business

7th Tradition

Electricity, Trash bags, toilet paper

How much would rent be?

Talk to treasurers from both Spanish NA and English AA.

Literature Sharing formats -> Read then Share

Get on the regional meeting list.

Simple website with meeting time.

Look for other sites that list meetings.

Service Positions:

JC open Sundays and chair

KU open and chair on Wednesday

JB open and chair on Friday

Secretary, Treasurer - TH

Literature, key tags - get from San Jose

Group Founded - February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015

The group was actually getting started a few days before this date.

English-speaking NA had been on and off in Jaco for a couple years. JO and Z from Colorado held meetings for a bit, with mostly just the two of them showing up.

TH and JB started an English NA meeting at 10AM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the two months they were in Jaco in the spring of 2014.

In January 2015, M from Delaware was attending Spanish NA (which was meeting 7 nights a week at that time) with JC and KU and others translating for him.

M from Delaware, JC and KU started a Sunday night English-speaking the week before TH and JB returned to Jaco. The meeting took place at 5:30, which was early enough to close before Spanish started at 7PM, but late enough that M and JC could get back from fishing.

Members and visitors have complained more than once that meeting from 5:30 to 6:30 means they have to miss the beautiful Costa Rican sunset while they make the meeting, and have asked us to change the time. The group conscience so far has been “stability of the meeting is more important, changing the time is too disruptive and risky” and “you didn't care about missing sunsets when you were using”.

For the 5 year anniversay, KU decided to use February 3, 2015 as the start date for the group because we didn't have any date written down and that is the date in TH and JB's passports for arriving back in Jaco.